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High Risk Merchant Accounts

As we both know not every business falls into a low risk category like a shoe store or a restaurant. That is why Credit Card Processing Services has developed a high risk credit card processing program for almost every legal type of business located almost anywhere in the world. We have teamed up with the most knowledgeable merchant account professionals who only specialize in setting up merchant account service for higher risk businesses like yours.

What sets our high risk program apart from others you may have located on the Internet is that we remain neutral to any specific program and instead refer your information to all of the companies that we trust that accept high risk accounts. Once you complete our Merchant Application Worksheet it is automatically forwarded directly to these referral partners. Those that genuinely believe that they can assist you properly will contact you within 24 hours to begin a direct dialogue with you in order to determine exactly what you require. In addition, they will quote you exact pricing for your individual situation. Each of them knows that your information has been provided to several competitors and as a result will offer you fair and competitive pricing. Our service works similar to the commercial that you have probably seen on TV whereby a group of bankers compete for your mortgage – only here they are competing for your credit card processing services.

The reason that we are able to easily approve merchants which traditional U.S. processing banks would not even consider is because your sales will typically be processed by a member of the consortium of over 40 offshore, Canadian, European, and South American banks which our referral partners represent and fully understand your type of business. Because they are not bound by the rules of MasterCard and Visa USA, but rather non-U.S. bankcard standards the thresholds for processing volumes and chargebacks is greatly relaxed. Of course, there is also the flip side of the coin that means that these banks still need to be protected against catastrophic financial losses and that is why they also typically require rolling reserves or other safeguards. Depending upon your business and volume they may suggest that you share the services of a third party processor rather than acquire your own dedicated merchant account.

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Here are some of the high-risk business categories that our referral partners seek and approve:

  • Adult Oriented Web Sites
  • Travel Related Businesses
  • Established Legal Gaming
  • Licensed Non-U.S. Pharmacies
  • Merchants Shut Off (TMF)
  • Pre-Paid Telephone Cards
  • High Volume Mail/Telephone Order
  • High Risk Web Site Offerings

Please look at the complete list of Acceptable Business Types which you will find at the button on the right side of this page.

When you are ready to move forward please go to the Merchant Application Worksheet page. This is where you can begin the process so that you can be quoted your exact pricing, and then decide if you want to proceed to accept credit cards.


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