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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of businesses qualify?

We can process for almost any legal business. If your business is legal in your
country we can probably process credit cards for you. Our high risk referral partners
typically specialize in different types of businesses. Some are only interested in well
established high volume accounts while others will be happy to accept a low volume
startup adult website. That is why you have the best opportunity in securing an
excellent account because all the companies will look at your particular account and
the ones who can definitely assist you will be the ones who will contact you.

2. What credit cards do we process?

In all cases:

  • Visa
  • Master Card
Depending upon your type of business:
  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • JCB
  • ACH Processing

3. Are there any setup fees charged by Adult Card Processing?

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No, Adult Card Processing does not charge any setup fee. The way that we operate is
that we find excellent processing solutions for you by presenting your information to
several of our high risk referral partners. In turn those that would like your business
will contact you within 1 to 2 business days and either call or email you with a
proposal. If you decide that their program matches your needs then it is our referral
partner who pays us a small fee for bringing them your account. You pay us nothing.
This is the best arrangement for all parties involved.

4. What are the rates?

The rates and fees depend on your type of business, monthly processing volume and
risk. A site with a strong history of low chargebacks will qualify for a better rate than
one with a 3% or higher chargeback rate.

Adult: 3% - 5% (Most merchants pay 4%)
Gaming: 5% - 7% (Depends upon Risk)
Travel: 7% - 12% (Depends upon Risk)
Mainstream: 3% - 5% (Most merchants pay 4%)

Transaction fees vary depending upon your business type.

Your exact rate and fees will be quoted to you once you submit your application.

5. How long does it take to be approved?

Once you provide us with the proper documentation, approval generally takes place
within 1 to 3 days – sometimes longer on very hard to place accounts.

6. Can I expect a Reserve Account?

As is customary with high risk accounts you should probably expect to have a reserve
account. They are typically 10% rolling reserves for 6 months. Here is how they
work. Out of each batch 10% of the gross is set aside in a reserve account. On the 7th
month the funds are released to you for the first month, on the 8th month for the
second month, etc. This is a continuous cycle. As good processing history occurs
over time this may be reevaluated.

7. Do I get my own merchant account?

It depends. For most merchants we need 90 days of processing history before you get
a direct merchant account. Most merchants think they can handle chargebacks on
their own but experience has shown that they can’t so our processor will train you to
keep chargebacks under 1 %. Once this is achieved you can usually qualify for a
direct merchant account.

8. Is there a credit check?

Yes, there is a credit check on all merchants. We also verify the following:

  • Owners current drivers license, passport, or other ID
  • Owners current address
  • Owners banking/checking account
  • Non-US merchants have to also provide a utility bill

10. Do you accept merchants from outside of the United States?

Yes, international merchants are welcome.

11. Do you process in multi-currency?

Yes, we can process in US dollar, Canadian dollar, Euro, & GBP.

12. Do you support membership recurring billing?

Yes, our processing systems work great for membership sites that require recurring

13. This sounds good to me. How do I apply?

The first step in getting setup is to complete the Merchant Application Worksheet. You will then be contacted within 24-48 hours with your exact pricing. Once
you give the OK then we can work to get your account approved as quickly as possible so that you can begin processing sales.

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